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1 Qingdao Zhongda agricultural science and Technology Co. Ltd. (hereafter called ZDC), founded in 2000, is a fixed production enterprise of pesticide and fertilizer by the Ministry of National. ZDC has covered an area of 59,941 square meters with 158 employees, which is located in Xinhe chemical science and technology industrial park of Qingdao. Nowadays, the annual production capacity of pesticide preparations and new type fertilizers has reached more than 10,000 tons.  




ZDC is committed to the research, development, manufacture, and sales of agrochemical products, including fungicide, insecticide, acaricide, plant growth regulator, herbicide and new type fertilizers. ZDC’s annual sales revenue has exceeded 100 million yuan. The research, manufacture, and sales of combined pesticides, including marine biological products and chemical pesticide, have reached the leading domestic level. ZDC has established a complete sales network and technical service system spread all over China, which made “Zhongda” become a famous brand in the agriculture field. ZDC has always paid high attention to technical innovation and it was identified as the municipal technical center of Qingdao in 2013. ZDC has a well-equipped research laboratory, where technical personnels are committed to do the research of new dosage forms and biological pesticide. ZDC has its own technical team with highly educated talents, and at the same time it also signed technical agreements with IOCAS, Qingdao Agricultural University and Qilu University of Technology, for the development of new agricultural technology and products. The marine environment has the characteristics of oligotrophic, high salinity and weak alkaline, which created a unique marine biological structure and components. Extraction and application of bioactive substances from marine organisms possess great potential. From 2002, ZDC has participated in many national, provincial and municipal marine technology research projects and been awarded the "core demonstration base of marine agriculture project" by Chinese Academy of Sciences. ZDC will go on developing marine biological pesticide and fertilizer with cooperative institutions and universities, making our own contributions to the innovation and development of marine economy! 

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Founded in 2000, is a fixed production enterprise of pesticide and fertilizer by the Ministry of National.

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