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Company Profile

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    Qingdao Zhongda Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ZDC") was established in 2000 with RMB 40 million yuan. Its main business is R & D, production and sales of pesticide and fertilizer products.

    ZDC operates a modern manufacturing facility in the Qingdao Xinhe chemical industry park. There are qualified manufacturing workshops, R&D, and quality inspection laboratories on the production site, outfitted with a complete set of high-standard equipment and supporting public utilities.

    The Xinhe manufacturing facility passed the international management system certification of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. It can produce 14 types of formulation such as suspension concentrate, emulsioninwater, microemulsion, soluble liquid, emulsion oil, wettable powder, and biogenic pesticides, with an annual production scale of more than 10000 tons.

    ZDC focus on the R & D production and sales of agrochemical products. ZDC has formed four product series: insecticide, bactericide, plant growth regulator, and special fertilizer. Over the years, ZDC has concentrated on key cash crops, such as fruit trees and vegetables, developing corresponding crop protection and crop nutrition solutions. Today, ZDC has become a well-known brand in these key crop fields due to sustained market input.

    ZDC emphasizes technological innovation. It owns a high-quality, highly educated, multidisciplinary research team composed of doctors, masters, and undergraduates. The research team undertakes the research duty of the company's independent and joint research cooperation. In recent years, the company has successively won the recognition of R & D platforms such as "High-tech enterprise,” "Shandong enterprise technology center,” "Shandong marine, agricultural biological medicine and fertilizer Collaborative Innovation Center,” "Qingdao special precision and new enterprise,” "Qingdao marine biological medicine and fertilizer technology innovation center,” "Qingdao biological medicine and fertilizer engineering research center,” and won the "second prize of national science and Technology Progress Award in 2018", "second prize of China industry-university research cooperation innovation award in 2020", "first prize of Shandong marine science and Technology Innovation Award in 2021" and other scientific research achievements. Through independent innovation and close cooperation between industry and university, ZDC has accumulated rich R & D experience and has several technical reserves. Therefore, ZDC’s own scientific research strength and ability to transform achievements have been strengthened and improved.

With the guidance of national and industrial policies and enhancing awareness of environmental protection and agricultural product quality, the demand for eco-friendly crop protection and nutrition has increased. It has brought opportunities for ZDC to grow the strategic layout of biogenic pesticides and fertilizer products in recent years. The company will adhere to the core values of "serving customers, employee development, continuous breakthrough and courage to take responsibility,” fully fulfill the enterprise’s social responsibility, and contribute to the sustainable development of green ecological agriculture.

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Founded in 2000, is a fixed production enterprise of pesticide and fertilizer by the Ministry of National.

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